Saturday, March 14, 2020

Bluetooth Overview essays

Bluetooth Overview essays Bluetooth What it is: Bluetooth is a technology that incorporates advanced microchips and radio transceivers to create a wireless network between electronic devices. What it does: Allow users to connect to wide range of computing and telecommunication devices without cables. Allows users of the Bluetooth technology to synchronously organize their every day processing. Facilitates data image and voice transfer between multi-Bluetooth technology enhanced devices. Advantages: Removes the burden of cables. No need for line of sight positioning in order to transmit data. Can transmit through solid non-metal objects. Disadvantages: Radio band (2.4Ghz) is shared by several common household devices. Allows eavesdroppers to listen in on digital exchange of information. Connection speed is ten times slower than that of other Ethernet connections. Battery life is seriously degraded in hand held devices. What Technology is it replacing: Infrared Data Access (IrDA) aimed to serve as a replacement for peripheral cables Bluetooth will aim at serving as a replacement for both of these technologies Application in Business: Multi-phone functions, which include fixed line charge (at home), cellular charge (on the go), and walkie-talkie functions with multi Bluetooth functions (no charge). Allows business users to surf the Internet while mobile. Instant document transfers between devices enhanced with Bluetooth. Automatic synchronization of all document updates (i.e. calendar, memo, phonebook). Costs and Benefits: Approximately $190 US for the PC card. Costs for manufacturers of Bluetooth technology products will increase by approximately $50 per unit. Maximizes portability of information. Affects on IS activities: MIS departments must manage the frequencies within their facilit...

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